Name: 2,2-dichloro-1,1,1-trifluoroethane
Alias: trifluorodichloroethane、Freon123、F-123、HCFC-123
Molecular formula: CHCl₂CF₃

Packing specification:

Disposable steel cylinder package: 13.6kg(30lbs), Customizable
Iron drum package: 100kg/barrel, 250kg/barrel and ISO tanks

Application Area:

R123 refrigerant has good comprehensive performance, which makes it the most effective and safe substitute refrigerant of R11 for large-scale central air conditioners (centrifugal chiller); trifluorodichloroethane can also be used as a plastic foaming agent, detergent, chemical solvent, etc.

Storage and transportation (safety classification B1) :

When in iron drum or steel cylinder package, keep the R123 refrigerant away from fire, heat sources, and direct sunlight, store it in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Handle lightly to prevent crushing, collision, and prevent breakage to the cylinder or accessories such as valve, etc.