Name: Tetrafluoroethane
Alias: Freon134a、F134a、HFC-134a
Molecular formula: CH₂FCF₃

R134a Chemical Product Safety Technical Instruction
R134a Refrigerant Pressure-enthalpy Diagram
R134a Refrigerant Temperature-pressure Parallel Table

Weihua Refrigeration R134a Product Quality Implementation Standard (GB/T 18826-2016):

Item GB/T 18826-2016Excellent product Weihua Refrigerants,  R134a Product Quality Index
Character Colorless, Clear , Odorless Colorless, Clear , Odorless
Mass fraction of Tetrafluoroethane/% 99.9 99.9
Mass fraction of water/% 0.001 0.001
Mass fraction of acid(Based on HCL)/% 0.00001 0.00001
Mass fraction of evaporation residue/% 0.01 0.01
Chloride (CL) test Pass Pass
Volume fraction of non-condensable gas(25℃)/% 1.5 1.5

Packing specification:

Disposable tin can package: net weight200g,220g250g,300g,customizable
Disposable steel cylinder package: 3.4kg,13.6kg,22.7kg,customizable
Refillable steel cylinder: 100L, 400L, 800L, 926L and ISO tanks

Application Area:

As a medium-low temperature environment friendly refrigerant, R134a is a very safe and effective alternative to R12. It is commonly used in food refrigeration equipment, automotive air conditioners, central air conditioners, dehumidifiers, cold storage, commercial refrigerators, refrigeration condensing units and other refrigeration equipment. It can also be used as aerosol propellants, medical aerosols, insecticide propellants, polymer (plastic) physical foaming agents, and magnesium alloy shielding gases. For R134a used for medicinal and medical purposes, it must be approved before use. R134a generally used does not meet the pharmaceutical grade quality requirements.

Storage and transportation (safety classification A1) :

The steel cylinder is a type of pressure vessel, so keep it away from fire, heat, and direct sunlight, store it in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Handle lightly to prevent crushing, collision, and prevent breakage to the cylinder or accessories such as valve, etc.

Lubricant recommendations :

Ester lubricant (POE)

Tips: Selection of refrigerating oil for different types of equipment and different scenarios shall follow the recommendations of the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration (conditioning) equipment manufacturers, or be determined based on the equivalent design and technician requirement according to the specific conditions of the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration equipment, that is, using only the refrigerating oil that matches the equipment or its application purpose.